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We’re calling on Black professionals, in and outside of agriculture, in the legal and traditional markets to join us. Learn some background information on the cannabis industry and discover how you can take advantage of the industry’s challenges to make money in the space.

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You probably are aware of all the dispensaries popping up across the country. You may even be aware of the growing and processing that goes on to get the products into the dispensaries but have you thought about the fact that this up and coming industry needs the help of many professionals and technicians with a multitude of skills? We need the same services that every other industry needs but the way cannabis is set up, due to it still being federally illegal, we need those services to be tweaked to serve this industry. We need accountants that understand the intricacies of cannabis bookkeeping and taxes, heating and cooling technicians that understand the needs of growing plants indoors, security firms that understand the needs of an industry without proper banking services, real estate agents that understand the location requirements of cannabis businesses, attorneys that understand cannabis laws and regulations, engineers and tech professionals that can find new innovative solutions, medical professionals that understand how to use cannabis to help patients improve their health, entrepreneurs with various skills… I could go on, but I think you get it. So what are your pre-existing skills and how can you transfer your skills into this industry that’s ready to pay you for your services? There’s not much time before the industry is fully formed, fully legalized and we’re left out once again. So if winning is in our future, we have to take it TODAY!

Let’s make this industry our reparations and build generational wealth and health in our community.

The Arts

By Malandela

What gifts do you have? What skills have you mastered? We need those talents in the cannabis industry. Come increase your revenue streams and join the fight for our place in this space!

We’re Here to Help You Get In And Take Over The Cannabis Industry!

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