I fell in love with hip hop… I mean cannabis when I realized the cannabis industry allowed me to do everything I had been trying to do my entire medical career. I wanted to do a better job of bringing authentic and holistic healthcare to people and our country’s medical system wasn’t allowing me to do that. The cannabis industry is where I found the opportunity to bring effective healthcare to people, decrease health disparities in the Black community, bring generational wealth to the Black community, be involved in criminal justice reform, advocate for people’s rights, shape culture and also be creative.

Essentially, I realized this industry was me!

I was hooked and started studying nonstop to find my place in the cannabis world. I learned more about the plant, more about its health benefits and more about the opportunities this space provides.

The addiction was so strong that I had to share the beauty of this plant and the industry that surrounds it with others. I had to let my people know about the amazing opportunities awaiting them. I also had to let them know that if we don’t step up now to participate in this industry in a real way, we will lose our chance to build generational wealth and health in our community. We will lose our chance to finally get reparations – reparations that will allow us to decrease health, economic, educational and opportunity disparities that plague our community. It would be a shame for us to not be a significant part of an industry that we’ve been innovators in for hundreds of years. It would be a shame for us to not be owners in and benefit from an industry that was used as a tool to oppress us for centuries. I can’t let that happen!

So I’m sharing my cannabis obsession with my people through 40 Acres And A Dispensary! We’re providing information about the vast and lucrative opportunities in the cannabis industry and we’re providing resources to help you turn that information into action. I hope you enjoy and I hope you jump into this industry that I love with me.

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    About The Movement

    The goal of the movement is to expose the Black community to the many opportunities in the cannabis industry. It’s not likely that reparations will come from the white house, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get them. We are creative people and we’re good at finding ways to both survive and thrive. As the cannabis industry becomes legal in more states and legal federally, it will bring a lot of money into the economy. It is absolutely necessary that we claim a significant part of this industry. The money we generate in this space can finally bring generational wealth to our community. We can’t let that opportunity pass us by!

    Whether you are a Black professional in an industry that you think is completely unrelated, a landowner or someone trying to move from the legacy cannabis market to the legal market, join us to learn about new opportunities that you may have never considered.

    Explore the website daily to find newly updated information, powerful messages, artistic expressions and resources to begin the movement of Reparations through cannabis!

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    Dr. Kaya

    Meet Our Founder

    Dr. Kaya, Angela Ledbetter, MD, is a board-certified emergency medicine physician. While practicing in hospitals and emergency medicine facilities in our modern medical system, she realized that our healthcare system didn’t do enough to care for the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of a whole person. That led her to explore natural health remedies and original health practices as tools to fill the gap.

    Although Dr. Kaya intends to bring wellness to all people, she is especially passionate about bringing health and wellness to the Black community because of all the health disparities she has witnessed in her community. In 2017, Dr. Kaya founded an organization whose mission was to empower the Black community to get healthy through fun and creative activities.

    Her goals of creating a healthier Black community and bringing wellness to people through natural healthcare have now come together through cannabis. Cannabis facilitates healing and relief, as well as financial health. That financial wellbeing can be used to decrease health access issues, food insecurities, inadequate housing, educational inequities, and opportunity disparities, which all contribute to a person’s overall wellness. This is why Dr. Kaya believes that cannabis can and will be used to build generational wealth and health for our people.

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