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We talked about the many uses of the cannabis plant but let’s just focus on the medicine for a minute. You may have heard that cannabis or marijuana can bring a lot of healing and relief to people. However, you might not realize that cannabis is not just one medication. The many strains/varieties/chemovars have the potential (and by potential, I mean this is what will happen) to create a whole pharmacy worth of medications to treat countless diseases and provide real healthcare for millions of people. And let’s not forget that these medications often have less side effects and are, in some cases, more helpful than many pharmaceutical meds. Are you already working in healthcare? Come jump into the cannabis industry before everything is fully formed so you can shape the industry you work in. That’s the way to ensure your great-great grandchildren are on that Forbes list.

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The Arts

How Many Slaves

How Many Slaves Lyrics


How many slaves (4x)

Use to work that sugar/ rice before this

Expecting me to die before I’m 30

First verse

Imma need some patience, dealing with these racists

Is it in they blood, need a vaccination

I’m not united in the kingdom, this a black invasion

Help me wit my heart, Christiaan call up Hamilton

Mass incarceration, we ain’t people, we amazing

Tried to cut us out the history, but naw we never faded

This bananas. First they took us, then they beat us,

then they raped us

Now it’s planet of the apes, you know the monkeys out the cages

Furious was serious about the liquor stores on his block

When the beef bad that’s profit, so the liquor stores won’t stop

Cut the cash up for that black power, that’s scissors, paper, then rock

No Wayans, I got brothers and we did this without pops

This collab has been in the works for a while. Check out Dr. Kaya’s blog post on LinkedIn. She explains how this song came about and takes a deep dive into the lyrics.

Doctor’s Notes: How Many Slaves?

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