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The pandemic has hit most industries super hard. However, the legal cannabis (marijuana) industry is still growing. MJ Biz Daily recently reported that the industry is going to add $130 billion every year into the country’s economy by the year 2024, with $37 billion of those dollars being direct sales. That’s pretty good for a new (well newly legal) industry! How much of that $130 billion are you ready to take? There’s not much time before the industry is fully formed, fully legalized and we’re left out once again. So if winning is in our future, we have to take it TODAY!

Let’s make this industry our reparations and build generational wealth and health in our community.

The Arts

If God Came Down

If God came down to smoke with me, I’d lay out my finest treats. I’d have a freshly cleaned helix, mask, papers, and bongs for Him to feast. I’d have little snacks like nachos, popcorn and popsicles for Her to eat because I believe a perfect being would have a diet that’s not discreet. I’d call my people and have girl scout cookies and a variety of OGs, some hybrids of indica and sativa, some pure strains, some purple and some pink. I’d contact every expert and visit every website so that I can try to get Him higher than Her seat.

If God came down to smoke with me, I’d ask Him all the secrets of the Universe and get lost in Her infinite knowledge. Take a journey through His memory, mesmerized by the vastness of Her omnipotence. I’d ask Her to take me on a journey of my spiritual existence, cleanse me of my impurities, then bless this vessel with His magnificence. Her intelligence would bless me with far more than my capacity and I could do no more than shed tears for His benevolence. I’d ask Her to show me how the hemp tree could be used for so many things, from food to rope to shoes to clothing. From the fuel that can power our vehicles to textiles and furnishings. Help me unlock the secrets that could potentially elevate our society.

If God came down to smoke with me, before She leaves, I’d have to praise Him for all She’s done for me and my family. Thank Him for directing me and ask Her to assist my spirit with every way possibly. Ask Him to print me out a couple of G’s, or maybe some M’s, but I won’t get greedy. Just enough so I can permanently REMOVE ALL MY FINANCIAL INSECURITIES. I’d ask if equality is a real possibility, but then say never mind because the truth may be too much for me. Then, I’d ask Her to release my boo, Mary Jane. The world has witnessed enough pain and needed her as a remedy. Touch these motha suckas in positions of authority so they will set her free. Legalize her beautiful trees so I can smoke with my people in perfect harmony.

I know this is just a dream, a beautiful composition steeped in the wildest fantasy. But, I’d give anything to have God come smoke with me.

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