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We’re calling on Black professionals, in and outside of agriculture, in the legal and traditional markets to join us. Learn some background information on the cannabis industry and discover how you can take advantage of the industry’s challenges to make money in the space.

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Do you have a background in agriculture/growing plants, in laboratory processing, in laboratory testing, in retail or in transportation? Well, there are opportunities for you in the cannabis space. There are opportunities to develop seeds that produce a certain type of product using genetics, opportunities to use land that your family owns to grow cannabis, opportunities to use your laboratory skills to make concentrated products or test cannabis products, opportunities to use your retail skills to sell cannabis products and opportunities to use your transportation background to deliver products from cultivators to processors to stores to patients and customers. So why not use your background to get into the legal weed game? And don’t forget about packaging, branding and marketing. It’s not easy, but TOGETHER we can make it happen. There’s not much time before the industry is fully formed, fully legalized and we’re left out once again. So if winning is in our future, we have to take it TODAY!

Let’s make this industry our reparations and build generational wealth and health in our community.

The Arts

By Jason Phillips

This plant is such a beautiful tool. While we use it for our health and wellness, let’s not forget to use it to create generational wealth.

Let’s cultivate what’s ours! Think about using the land your family has sitting idle to grow hemp or marijuana for medicine, food or a multitude of industrial products.

We’re Here to Help You Get In And Take Over The Cannabis Industry!

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