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We’re calling on Black professionals, in and outside of agriculture, in the legal and traditional markets to join us. Learn some background information on the cannabis industry and discover how you can take advantage of the industry’s challenges to make money in the space.

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We have a warning and a loving plea for those operating in the legacy market, black market, illegal market or whatever market you want to call it. We’ve heard from lawmakers and we’ve heard the stories of raids on illegal cannabis (marijuana) grows and stores. When people with billions of dollars have millions invested in the legal market, you better believe they will protect their investment. Getting into the legal game is difficult, time consuming and requires so much money but we can do this TOGETHER. Let’s make a plan and execute! And please don’t let drug convictions stop you. In some states, there are rules in place to still give you an opportunity and, in some cases, give you an advantage when starting a legal cannabis business. And when the rules aren’t in our favor, let’s fight to change them or just get creative because that’s who we are. There’s not much time before the industry is fully formed, fully legalized and we’re left out once again. So if winning is in our future, we have to take it TODAY!

Let’s make this industry our reparations and build generational wealth and health in our community.

The Arts

It may be time to think about transitioning into the legal cannabis market. Imagine the cannabis business you could create with the knowledge and skills you’ve obtained in the traditional market. Imagine the drone deliveries, the health impacts, the generational wealth and the amazing lifestyle you can create for yourself and your customers with your creativity.

Imagine and erect a Cannabis Wakanda!

We’re Here to Help You Get In And Take Over The Cannabis Industry!

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