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We’re calling on Black professionals, in and outside of agriculture, in the legal and traditional markets to join us. Learn some background information on the cannabis industry and discover how you can take advantage of the industry’s challenges to make money in the space.

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We know that the Black and white wealth gap is huge. The latest stats are from 2016 according to the Washington Post and 11.5 Black households need to combine their money to equal the net worth of just 1 white household. This results in health disparities, educational disparities, housing disparities, opportunity disparities and even disparities in the number of years we live. It’s time out for this nonsense and we have an idea! Let’s build our wealth in the cannabis industry and use those funds to start eliminating these disparities. There’s not much time before the industry is fully formed, fully legalized and we’re left out once again.

So if winning is in our future, we have to take it TODAY!

The Arts

How Many Slaves

How Many Slaves Lyrics

2nd Verse

Blind date for the thugs

Introduced us to the drugs

80’s lost they mind, power trip for the plug

If Tookie was a Pookie, tell me who would fight the Bloods

If Beyoncé married Marshall, would she have a bigger buzz

That’s not my president. Gotta stand for something like I’m Kaepernick

Gotta get over this, so I’m building, I’m building, I’m building a bridge

I Hakuna matata the pigs, no worries where I live

Great whites on the coast. Ever felt like a fish?

Got saved by a gift, no thanks St. Nick

All faith no risk, my God did this

Imma keep breaking chains, with a peace and a fist


In God there’s love

My God don’t judge

All these diamonds rough

See we came from the dirt

And got it out that Mud


How many slaves (4x)

Use to work that sugar/ rice before this

Expecting me to die before I’m 30

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